To become a supplier for the world's needs of nickel conducted by the Indonesians and to provide optimal contributions to the country, society, and thousands of employees, especially the contribution to the development in Eastern Indonesia, Obi Island.


It has 8 production lines with a production capacity of ferronickel ± 829,000 tons/year or nickel metal as much as ±87,0000 tons/year.


Produces ferronickel (FeNi) as a value added product of high grade nickel ore (saprolite) with a nickel content of 10.5%.


About Ferronickel

Ferronickel is the final product of Halmahera Jaya Ferronickel (HJF) resulted from the smelting of high-grade nickel ore. Consisting of approximately 10.5% nickel and 83% iron, this product is produced through smelting method using electrical energy at high temperatures. This is a semi-finished product in the form of ingots and is useful as raw materials for stainless steel industry, batteries, electronics, coins, transportation, and household goods.


Keep a low profile and good listeners to create a caring culture for others.

Achievement Oriented

Achieve the best sustainable results based upon Company’s standard processes.

Respect For Every Individual

Demonstrate interactions with others by promoting modesty and tolerance in accordance with the Eastern customs and empathy among colleagues regardless of positions/roles


Take no compromise for conflict of Company's core values, demonstrate a genuine attitude and hold responsible for own mistake at work.


Teamwork achievement-oriented and demonstrate abundance mindset (care, support, and sincere)


Demonstrate significant measures to cope with challenges in delivering Company's policies


The principle of sustainability in Halmahera Jaya Ferronickel (HJF) operations is not merely a saying or following the trend, but it is our value to contribute in the area of economic, social, environmental, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and to uphold safety aspects in every activity. We are committed to performing the best practices in every operational activity

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Media HJF

03 MAR
North Maluku Governor Visits Harita Nickel’s Site, Ensuring the Sustainability Environment

Jakarta, TAMBANG, - North Maluku Governor KH Abdul Gani Kasuba (AGK) visited the operational area of HARITA Nickel on Obi Island, South Halmahera on Thursday (3/3). This working visit was carried out to ensure that the environmental management carried out by HARITA was in accordance with the established rules.

During the visit, Abdul Gani Kasuba was accompanied by the Head of the North Sumatra ESDM Service, Hasyim Daeng Barang and the North Maluku DLH environmental investigator Yusra Hi Noho. The number one group in North Maluku arrived in Kawasi, Obi at 13.00 WIT. Before entering the operational area, the group saw firsthand the condition of the blue and beautiful Kawasi sea.

Chief of Engineering and Environment (PTL) Halmahera Persada Lygend (HPL) Rico W. Albert to the Governor and his staff explaining the actual operational conditions of HARITA Nickel. He ensures that all operations are in accordance with and comply with all applicable permits. This commitment is also demonstrated by good operations, such as the absence of fatalities (accidents that cause death).

“All of these achievements cannot be separated from the support of the Regional Government, both the Regency and the Province who continue to monitor and guide the company. This good coordination will continue to be improved. We are grateful for that,” said Rico in front of the Governor and his entourage.

Rico also explained that, going forward, HARITA will become one of the largest nickel management companies in Indonesia that will make an optimal contribution to the region and nation, of course while protecting the environment. He also ensured that the company has implemented its social responsibility program well and will continue to strive to be better.

In his remarks in front of HARITA\'s management and employees, Governor Abdul Gani said he was pleased to directly check HARITA\'s operations and ensure the environment was safe and well maintained. This is a form of local government support for investment.

“I am proud of HARITA who has invested heavily in my homeland, North Maluku. However, as a local man, I ask that the environment is still considered by following the existing rules. HARITA\'s operations must be able to provide benefits to the region and the community,” said Abdul.

The Governor and his entourage toured the operational area and were directly accompanied by the Commissioner of HPL Stevi Thomas. To the Governor, Stevi Thomas explained HARITA Nickel\'s commitment to the environment and ensured that the issue of environmental pollution by HARITA was not true, as witnessed by the Governor directly.

On the sidelines of the visit, Yusra Hi Noho who is also the Head of Pollution and Environmental Damage said that out of 109 mining business permits in North Maluku, HARITA is the best company in environmental management. Not only that, all recommendations that are corrective are always responded positively. Hopefully this will continue to be improved.

After touring and observing the first nickel refining plant in Indonesia that produces the raw material for the electric car battery, the group again left the location in the afternoon.

For information, HARITA Nickel is part of the HARITA Group which operates on Obi Island, Halmahera Selaan, North Maluku. HARITA Nickel owns a Mining IUP as well as an integrated nickel smelter and refinery in Obi.

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